Horse Riding Lessons in Petaluma, Sonoma County

Riding Lessons for All Skill Levels.

Whether you have been riding for years and want to improve your skills or you have never been on the back of a horse, Crystal Clear Farm has a horse riding lesson programs designed for all ages and skill levels.

  • Year-Round Lessons
  • Beginning lessons through Advanced
  • Bomb Proof Lesson Horses & Ponies
  • Lease and Sponsorships Available

Beginner Horse Riding Lessons

Beginning students are taught privately until they are able to walk and trot unassisted, and exhibit their learned horsemanship skills. Groundwork lessons in grooming, saddling, bridling, leading, horse care, tack-up and tack care is just the beginning.

Learning confidence, respect, self-assurance, trust, integrity, positive mindset and self-discipline during ground work lessons have proven to fast-track the students life skills.

Beginning students are taught privately until they are able to walk and trot unassisted, and exhibit their learned horsemanship skills. The student will be guided through every process and will occasionally take the reins to demonstrate how horse and rider can create a magical partnership. Renee has many “bomb-proof” ponies and horses available for the beginner.

Beginning riders will learn:

  • safe grooming techniques
  • how to saddle
  • how to bridle
  • how to ride off a lead line
  • how to lead a horse correctly
  • how to take care of your tack
  • confidence and self assurance
  • how to walk, trot and canter
  • how to interpret the horse’s needs
  • have fun while working hard toward a goal
  • trust, integrity & positive mindset
  • self discipline and accountability

Intermediate Horse Riding Lessons

Students ride year round and are encouraged to improve their horsemanship skills. The intermediate program is designed to be goal oriented, challenging and fun. Some of the riders in the program want to horse show, and so, horse show we go. Some students do not want to horse show but still want to be better riders. All the same, the students at Crystal Clear Farm are encouraged to work hard, have fun and strive to reach their goals. CCF students ride year round and are encouraged to improve their horsemanship skills. The horse/rider relationship naturally evolves as the rider advances in the program.

At CCF, we strive to guide the student by fostering a hard work ethic and a positive mindset that leads to more independence as the student makes gains in the program. The parents of the riding students recognize the positive advances during this important period as the student begins to tackle life’s trials and tribulations with a “can do” attitude. Renee and Noni work closely with the students parents to accommodate school and family obligations.

Intermediate riders will:

  • understand “form follows function”
  • incorporate good overall horsemanship
  • position the body properly at each gait
  • demonstrate complete control of the horse
  • understand the horse’s body language
  • interpret the horse’s needs
  • learn how to set objectives to reach a goal
  • tackle life’s ups and downs with a winners attitude

Advanced Horse Riding Lessons

To compete at the next level, the advanced program will allow the rider to apply finely tuned advanced riding and training technique to ride correctly and effectively while enhancing the horses performance.

Advanced riding techniques come through time, patience and consistency. Renee’s role is to teach the student how to use their balance, rhythm, and body control, with a thorough understanding of how the horse‚Äôs body works, to get the most out of the lesson.

Through time tested quality advanced instruction, discipline, patience and hard work, the enhanced performance will develop in horse and rider.

As the student spends more time applying Renee’s advanced horse riding techniques, the enhanced connection between horse and rider naturally comes forth.

From Trail and Pleasure Riders, to Eventing Competitors and A-Circuit Competitors, Renee has a proven track record for helping advanced riders achieve their goals.

Advanced riders will:

  • discover a deeper riding focus
  • condition your mind to a WINNERS attitude
  • learn how to effectively enhance your horses performance

Ride To Live, Live To Ride

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