Horse shows in Petaluma, Sonoma, Napa | NorCal & SoCal

CCF attends numerous schooling and rated shows each year all around Northern California, and occasionally in Southern California or Oregon. We go to horse shows based on the goals of our riding students. In January we sit down with each individual rider and their parents and discuss the show schedule and their goals for the year.

Horse shows at CCF | Our Home Show

CCF also hosts schooling shows at home here in Petaluma. These home shows are a great first step into showing for new riders, and provide valuable showing practice for more experienced equestrians. Other barns are invited to our home shows so there are outside riders.
This helps create a very realistic show for riders that are just beginning to show, or are preparing for bigger shows.

Classes offered range from walk/trot though 2’6. CCF shows take place on a Sunday every other month from April-October, with enticing year-end high point prizes for riders in each division that earn the most points over the course of the year.

CCF riders participating in home shows experience a full weekend of horses, as they would at a bigger show. Saturday, riders have a lesson and practice over the decorated show course, and then it is the riders responsibility to spend time helping bathe the horse/pony they are riding. As ponies dry from their bath, riders clean their tack so it shines on show day. Sunday is show day, and riders come early to double and triple check their horses/ponies to make sure they are spotless. As their classes near, riders tack up and head down to the ring to warm up. Then it’s show time!

Riders leave CCF shows feeling proud, accomplished, confident, and take home a few things to improve on for the next show. This helps create driven/focused riders in lessons who always strive for more


October Home Show

Horse Show Pics

Horse Show - Grace and Chisel
Horse Show - Natalie and Monkey
Horse Show - Serenity and Pablo
Horse Show - Grace and Annie
Horse Show - Alice and Splash
Horse Show - Alexis and Franklin
Horse Show - Jen and Velvet
Horse Show - Alice and Splash