Horse Riding Lessons Petaluma, Sonoma County

Whether you have been riding for years and want to improve your skills or you have never been on the back of a horse, CCF has horse riding lesson programs designed for all ages and skill levels.

  • Year-Round Lessons
  • Beginning lessons through Advanced
  • Bomb Proof Lesson Horses & Ponies
  • Lease and Sponsorships Available

Riding Lessons for All Skill Levels

Groundwork lessons in grooming, saddling, bridling, leading, horse care, tackup and tack care is just the beginning. Learning confidence, respect, self-assurance, trust, integrity, positive mindset and self-discipline during ground work lessons have proven to fast-track the students life skills. Beginning students are taught privately until they are able to walk and trot unassisted, and exhibit their learned horsemanship skills. Renee will guide the student through every process and will occasionally take the reins to demonstrate how horse and rider can create a magical partnership. Renee has many “bomb-proof” ponies and horses available for the beginner.
The intermediate program is designed to be goal oriented, challenging and fun. Some of the riders in the program want to horse show, and so, horse show we go. Some students do not want to horse show but still want to be better riders. All the same, the students at CCF are encouraged to work hard, have fun and strive to reach their goals. Our students ride year round and are encouraged to improve their horsemanship skills. The horse/rider relationship naturally evolves as the rider advances in the program.

At CCF, we strive to guide the student by fostering a hard work ethic and a positive mindset that leads to more independence as the student makes gains in the program.
The parents of the riding students recognize the positive advances during this important period as the student begins to tackle life’s trials and tribulations with a “can do” attitude.

Renee works closely with the students parents to accommodate school and family obligations. They also use discipline, positive reinforcement and heart to heart talks during this important stage of the students development.
The riding student will:

  • understand “form follows function”
  • incorporate good overall horsemanship
  • position the body properly at each gait
  • demonstrate complete control of the horse
  • understand the horse’s body language
  • interpret the horse’s needs
  • have fun while working hard toward a goal
  • tackle life’s ups and downs with a winners attitude

Advanced riding techniques come through time, patience and consistency. Renee’s role is to teach the student how to use their balance, rhythm, and body control, with a thorough understanding of how the horse‚Äôs body works, to get the most out of the lesson. Through time tested quality advanced instruction, discipline, patience and hard work, the enhanced performance will develop in horse and rider.

As the student spends more time applying Renee’s advanced horse riding techniques, the enhanced connection between horse and rider naturally comes forth. From Trail and Pleasure Riders, to Eventing Competitors and A-Circuit Competitors, Renee has a proven track record for helping horse lovers of all disciplines achieve their goals.

Renee’s advanced lesson programs will help you:

  • Ride with focus
  • Condition your mind to a WINNERS attitude
  • Ride correctly and effectively to enhance your horses performance
Beginning Horse Riding Lessons

Beginner Riding Lessons

Beginning students are taught privately until they are able to walk and trot unassisted, and exhibit their learned horsemanship skills.

Horse Riding Lessons in Petaluma

Intermediate Riding Lessons

Students ride year round and are encouraged to improve their horsemanship skills. The intermediate program is designed to be goal oriented, challenging and fun.

Advanced Horse Riding Lessons

Advanced Riding Lessons

To compete at the next level, the advanced program will allow the rider to apply finely tuned advanced riding and training technique to ride correctly and effectively while enhancing the horses performance.

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Our Lesson Ponies and Horses


Show Name: Ballywhim Merriane
Barn Name: Annie
Rider: Beginner to Advanced Beginner
Size: 14 hands
Annie is Retired
Description: Annie came to CCF after an amazing show career. She has won classes for her riders at the biggest shows in the country. She has the best canter to learn on, auto lead changes over fences, and can even give lunge line lessons. Annie loves to take care of her riders and show them ropes of horse showing in everything from walk/trot to x-rails. Annie brings 100% to every ride, and will give 130% if her rider needs some help.


Show Name: Monkey Business
Barn Name: Monkey
Rider: Beginner- Intermediate
Size: 14 hands
Description: If Monkey were a human student, he would be the class clown. From opening gates and letting ponies out to taking off other horses fly masks, he always has something up his sleeve. His carefree attitude about life makes him an awesome pony to learn on. He knows when to test his riders, and when he needs to take care of them. Monkey loves to be ridden bareback, go on trail rides, and take his riders to horse shows. Monkey has shown in everything from walk/trot to child’s pony hunters and pony jumpers!


Show Name: Ladybug
Barn Name: Ladybug
Rider: Beginner and up.
Size: 12.2 hands
Description: Ladybug is a jumping bean! She has the smoothest trot, fun canter and loves to jump. Ladybug is also great on the trail, can be ridden double, and can be taken through obstacle courses by even the smallest rider. She is new to CCF, and is quickly becoming a barn favorite.


Show Name: Oliver Twist
Barn Name: Ollie
Rider: Advanced beginner and up.
Size: 16 Hands
Description: Ollie loves to please, and tries to do exactly what his rider asks. He is very brave and jumps anything you put in front of him. He has solid mileage at schooling shows and is ready to help his rider grow from the x-rails to 2’6 arena.


Show Name: Samson
Barn Name: Samson
Rider: Beginner to advanced beginner
Size: 14 Hands
Description: Samson has taught many riders how to canter and jump. He specializes in taking the most timid or scared riders and giving them confidence. Samson never puts a toe wrong and will stand for hours to be played with. He loves to be ridden bareback and is safe enough for any beginner rider.


Show Name: Time for Magic
Barn Name: Timely
Rider: Advanced beginner and up.
Size: 14.1 1/2 hands
Description: Timely is a barn favorite, and he has big shoes to fill as Tierno’s younger brother. His sweet personality, quiet demeanor, smooth trot, amazing canter and easy jump make Timely the one everyone wants to ride. As an added bonus he gives kisses and loves to go on trail rides. Timely has been to many schooling shows and well as rated shows, and is fancy enough to earn you blue ribbons anywhere you go.


Show Name: Tar-Na-Nog
Barn Name: Tierno
Rider: Intermediate and up
Size: 14.1 3/4 Hands
Description Has permanent USEF card. Tierno is Timely’s older brother, and is arguably the sweetest horse at CCF. From nickering to his riders every time they see him to cuddling and always having his ears forward, Tierno will improve anyone’s mood. He is kid tested and mother approved at everything from trail rides to lessons and showing. Tierno bring a good attitude and 100% to everything he does, and can take a rider from x-rails to cantering 2’6 courses with lead changes!


Show Name: Miss Make Believe
Barn Name: Splash
Rider: Beginner to intermediate
Size: 12.2 hands
Description Splash is the best pony for little riders to learn to horse show on. She loves a quiet rider, and will do anything for her riders. Splash has an extensive record at the rated shows from walk/trot to Small Pony Hunters and everything in between. Now, Splash specializes in taking her riders from their very first walk/trot experience to winning in the canter cross rail arena at any horse show.

Horse Riding Lessons

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